Thursday, May 16, 2013

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We intend or search writing on the web browser the latest news, breaking news, news world, current events ... etc willingly or after hearing some things from friends, media or other related sources. There are a lot of event sources which are to be as news headlines, latest news .. . I try to place here some what the headlines about are generally :

1. Heavy the natural disaster;

2. Earlier informing of very worsening weather condition in the respective country 
   or all over the world;

3. Inaugurating, novel inaugurating, from the state or world inaugurating or 
   related organizations;

4. Current event of human history;

5. Behave of social leader;

6. Characteristics of the political, business, social leaders;

7. Of a nation or world present situation;

8. Topmost selling of new products;

9. World class debate about the most current and world issues;

10. Natural changing declared by scientists or related sources;

11. Gotten reports from the scientists fresh research;

12. Sports update, results report;

13. Reports of price hike or down suddenly something or daily commodities;

14. Political atmospheres of a country and throughout the world;

15. Happening relating to road accidents;

16. About the collapse of big and huge buildings and bridges;

17. Huge Death toll for sudden unthinkable disaster;

18. Happening relating to air crash;

19. To coal and other mining facts;

20. Huge death toll in the working or other situations;

21. Heavy prolongs flood and sudden heavy rain and flood;

22. Discovery new place, planet, medicine, food facts, .. ;

23. Events happening good or bad in the big functions; 

24. Relating to education facts like results, new online education systems;

25. Issuing political, business or social supports, discussions;

26. Political imbalance in the country and the whole world;

27. Demanding wages, working timing, trams and conditions;

28. Right of jobs or working securities;

29. Judgement starting, continuing, and final declarations;

30. Victory and defeated of leadership or new leadership of a country;

31. Campaign or campaign speed with new products and coming holding facts;

32. Bilateral interesting related to political events-views, country issue, business 
      purposes, and products give and take opportunities;

33. Country and countries’ budget, bill passing;

34. Products and allotments distribution to the local agents for developing the 
      respective areas;

35. Buying and transferring or handing over each other person, organization or 

36. Arrangements of nations and world class functions such as American Idol, just

37. Raising or down going situation of the country, products, or national and
      international facts;

38. Invention superior devices, helping facts;

39. New super hit movies, books, tech applications, plug ins;

40. News the greatest meeting, gathering;

41. Fame, performances of the national and international players, singers, actors, 
     actress, directors and related figures.

N e w s   W o r l d   a t   a   G l a n c e

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