Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Newborn Baby Rescued From Sewage Pipe in China

Newborn baby rescued from a sewage pipe in China - has one of the world latest news headlines events. Sewage pipe in the building discovered the infant in the coastal Zhejiang Province in China

It was possible hearing the voice of the baby crying Saturday afternoon (25th May, 2013). Trying hard, the firefighters rescued the newborn baby from a wide pipe of four inch  and sent to the local hospital.

2.3 kg (5 lb) boy suffers from some pieces of the face and limbs, as well as its heart rate was lower at one point. The baby put in incubators in stable condition. "Fortunately survived. However (it ignored), who still suspected in the assassination attempt, -said the unnamed police officer.

Often Chinese media reports that often babies had been abandoned shortly after birth. Rates varying to a young mother were pregnant, unaware of the problems and the birth of the society put more value on unwanted boys, and strict rules on family planning in China.

Sina as services like China tweet and widely discussed raw footage, calling for severe punishment for parents of the newborn baby.This was the sin of the parents and broke the right of human beings. It is fact that It was demanded for exemplary punishment.

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