Sunday, June 2, 2013

Haiti Earthquake Survivors Disease

One of the topmost world latest news headlines events was about 220 people had died in the Haiti earthquake, aid partners fought in 2010 which had more than cholera stem included 2000 and expects the authorities to the disease in many cases. 

"North of the Port-au-Prince" bore brunt of the Quake 1/12, humanitarian agencies are scattered survivors from overcrowded camps in capital on the high alert for preventing disease. He was attacking the poor worst medical emergency in the disaster-prone Caribbean country since a devastating earthquake 300,000 died from cholera. 

first cholera epidemic were in Haiti of the century "according to WHO". However, 1.3 million earthquake homeless scattered debris in Haiti who were living in the tent cities that were reported in capital cases. 

To deal with issues in the region and in the deployment of medical teams, medicines, clean water, mark altivo knitting Central diarrhea Survivors disease of the central plateau, "American Health Organization, World Health Organization on" Regional Office.

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