Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nelson Mandela: The First Black President of South Africa

It illuminates how the nation is an example of a one man design that you want. Activist apartheid Nelson Mandela in South Africa, former President was of. He the hero dedicated to peace and the social justice in the world. Secure government position of three years in prison, spent most of his life in Robben Island prison of Mandela. Trapped in a small cell, his bed on the floor and hard work was a friend to every day.

30 allowed to receive a written message and had to work in the quarry, one every six months as well as one year, see visitors, may please. Failed to break generally him in his prison cell in the dark. Instead every difficulty is only made him stronger. His conversion was in prison. The form of the day. And symbol worldwide. It to unify countries split violently in a way unfamiliar to fulfil, and code. There will common humanity of people seeking power, highlighting the difference between ordinary focus politicians accused Mandela and it fed the confrontation as a means to hear it.

How he managed to convince all of you? First, respect. He treated with the equality of all individuals. Coercion of the gallbladder, and time, and his charisma, and his respect for his enemies. He won their trust. There can never see people step outside of his core values. There are chaired by Nelson Mandela, "a democratic multi-ethnic replacement through free and fair elections to the struggle of South Africa from apartheid, which is the most respected statesman, one in the world.

The general election in 1994, the Republic of South Africa the first election was such as the Republic of South Africa. The millions of rows were waiting for the 3 day voting period. 19818, 579 votes, was discrimination against population 80-5 to edit since arriving who were not% white European sailors first from 1652. 

Elections under the guidance of this Independent Electoral Commission. Through elections is this first Black President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, put an end to apartheid in 1994, and that people are free.

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