Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nelson Mandela Political African National Congress

It was got involved, "Nelson Mandela" in 1942 an increasingly political. Participated in African National Congress (ANC) in 1944, and assisted in the formation of African National Congress Youth League. 1944,  he got marriage with Evelyn Mase who was a nurse.

They have two sons makazioi, thimbikili Madiba ' Tempe ' wemacgatho and two daughters called early in both the first person died. It's physically separate in 1955 as well as divorced in 1958. The action adoption of African National Congress, Nelson Mandela, Ansell rank by increasing more radical policies were based on the 1949 mass and action plans.

Nelson Mandela was really arrested in a nationwide campaign to 05/12/1955. The event continued in treason trial of 1956. Ends a marathon trial past the blame 30 3/29/1961 that Mandela was acquitted. Protesters in Sharpeville 69 unarmed died on 21/03/1960. The Declaration of a State of emergency of the first State in the country. The ANC was banned. Thousands of emergency while the "Nelson Mandela" on his watch. Social worker "Nelson Mandela married winnie madikizela, 1958. They had 2 daughters Znanie wezindziswa. They divorced in 1996.

The leader Nelson Mandela Pietermaritzburg travelled all trials in Africa Conference talk before the rebellion. The resolution warns Congress must approve the description of the demands of the "National Convention" racist Mandela Prime Wevirord, it becomes a national strike. Nelson Mandela as well as his colleagues are not guilty in treason trial. 

Next he went underground, March 29, 30, 31, and began planning a national strike for. But substantial strikes packing had been canceled for national security. Mandela asked for armed struggle 6/1961. Founded aumkhonto weisizoi. 11/01/1991 "the Nelson Mandela of South Africa, under the name David motsamayi adoption leave.

He travelled to Africa and Britain seek support for armed struggle. Returned 7/1962 received the military training in Ethiopia, Morocco, the Republic of South Africa. Arrested 8/5 and charged with inciting workers generally to strike and leaving country illegally. He was convicted to five years in prison and local jail Pretoria sent. Then go to Robben Island on 27/05/1963, 6/12 returned to Pretoria.

Hide secrets in Livonia is used by the activities of African National Congress and the Communist within one month from the police. Some discs were arrested buddies Mandela. The trial of the "Nelson Mandela" nine joined due to vandalism of the famous Rivonia trial 10/1963. His famous face edge ' express ' immortalized the death penalty came to court on 20/04/1964: He had fought against white rule which was fought against the black domination of it. 

He lived with everyone in harmony and equal opportunity, democracy and freedom in the social ideals. And be perfect, hoping to achieve and live. But we should be ready that it will die if it was perfect.

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