Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nelson Mandela President of South African married children family

Nelson Mandela President of South African three times, fathered six children married 17 grandchildren and great grandchildren of the increases. Asked his children and physically restricted thought it can be harsh, his grandson and more endearing.

They also met in Johannesburg of the Transkei, where he wasn't under multiple strains of facts was piety to the revolutionary agitation, and it requires the absence of political neutrality of adultery, and Jehovah's witnesses. 

The couple's daughter, "Tempe" Madiba thimbikili (1946-1969) wemacgatho Mandela (1950-2005) 2, both called makazioi ( Maki; born in 1947 and 1953 as ) Mandela. First daughter age 9 months, second son died to honor her name. Mandela Mase died, 2004, and attended her funeral. And his son makgatho's Mandela, Chairman of the Tribal Council Mvezo for 2007.

They came from Transkei region, Mandela's second the wife, Mrs winnie madikizela-Mandela, too, first black social workers in the city met in Johannesbur. Two daughters, born in 04/01/1958, ( zindziswa ZNANIE, zindzi Mandela-hlongwani who was born in 1960. Her father was, of course, sent to the Robben Island at 18 months zindzi. Then there will be torn because of family conflicts countries mirrored Winnie is controversial. Her husband spent his life sentence on Robben Island prison, became Transkei Minister father.

A marriage fueled by political alienation and separation (4/1992, divorce (1996), ended in March to his daughter Prince Znanie Mandela was really still in the prison when she married in 1973, brother thombomozi diramini, King Mswati III. authorities did not allow the Republic of South Africa to visit the living the memories really of her father really from age of 16 four-year-old said. Argentina, which entered public life to become Mandela's children remaining in Znanie 7/2012 the first Ambassador, was appointed.

Mandela in 1998, Graca Machel, President of Mozambique, Samora Machel née Dembélé SIMBINE MACHEL, the widow married to allies of the African National Congress, was killed in a plane crash 80 years old birthday 12 years ago.

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