Sunday, June 2, 2013

Northern Haiti Cholera Epidemic

One of the topmost world latest news headlines events was that arrived at the capital of the people died, mentiones earlier, in northern Haiti, amid the crowded destroyed cholera epidemic, health officials said.

An Organization of Pan American Health (who) of Haitian public health Ministry 'may include national reference laboratory confirmed Western Port-au-Prince' given a certain number of cholera in the Port-au-Prince.

A devastating earthquake was in Caribb-ean nation 10 months in northern Haiti and the sudden outbreak of cholera, mainly after sending officials. There told the groups thousands of poor treatment diseases until now especially sanitation in slums in the Port-au-Prince tent hundreds that cause diarrhea, and could spread quickly.

In neighboring Dominican Republic, the Haitian Government urged cholera "mobilize border contingency planning while the borders are open," said health

Health Regional Director of State louissaint many people, Artibonite province said 14 people were killed in Central Haiti on Saturday in northern Haiti, killing 12 boost pressure dial the local toll-free 206.

"We have seen in patients with other types of treatment of cholera in the structure could not continue," said louissaint. Over a century of northern cities, "a specific treatment from hospital and medical center near approximately 3000 people have been struggling to the cope with an overwhelming rush of the sick as fighting in Haiti's first the cholera outbreak in Saint Marc. 

More than fifty inmates at prison and cholera in downtown, I wouldn't say three inmates died.

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