Wednesday, June 12, 2013

President Nelson Mandela Early Childhood

South Africa president Nelson Mandela, in a part of the name of the village head Province. Given Rolihlahla aumtato Mvezo, Republic of South Africa, colloquially 18/07/1918 trouble maker in recent years that Madiba was born in Xhosa term became known as his clan. 

Members of the Royal family tempo dominance, it belongs to the District of Transkei made King tempo House Court Officer cadet branch Ishiba clan left home. His father, Henry mvakaniiswa they argue with local legislator to King Abdullah ... He was appointed President of the position after his predecessor for the prevailing corruption and accused judge white in 1915. Unreasonable demands judge Nelson said that standing, lost his job, also for corruption, they argue with in 1926. 

Was polygamy, having lived in that village of fan of "kamata" they argue with four wives, 4 sons as well as nine daughters. Her ass was nosikini was a member of a clan of the Xhosa mother nkidama wife amambimfo they argue with Nelson right hand third son House.

Early childhood in his life, Mandela was ruled "custom, rituals and taboos" where boys cow herd him out many times with other boys and spending trends that Kono lists village after two sisters mother Kral. His parents were both illiterate sent his mother when he was 11 am is a devout Christian, was the local Methodist school. 

Dr. Methodist, gave Mandela the baptism English name "Nelson". Mandela said the lung disease and his father became 09 am, about Mandela, deaths from diseases undiagnosed in Qufu. Feeling "orphaned", he would later have his father "rebels, proud," "spirit of Justice" and hardshell inheritance.

It is considered that mkhikisoini under the supervision of the President Administration commissioned officer gongintaba dalindebo tempo Regent ward in Castle "great place" Mandela is his mother. 

Over the years but grew up in justice for their son and daughter nomavo with gongintaba and his wife nongland curing him, Nelson Mandela also can not generally see his mother and son. Attend the day Mandela church services each Sunday and his parents, Christianity has become an important part of his life. Next to the respective Palace was attended by "the Methodist Mission school in English, Xhosa, history, geography studies. 

He said the elderly he hears the story put love of the African history, you get affected by the Palace, President of business officer ing anti-imperialist rhetoric. However the European colonization benefactor, not oppressors. Aged sixteen, he will receive a symbolic circumcision ritual signs of the boys, the boys traveled to justice wetihalarha of male migration. In rituals, it was given really the name dalibonga. The great president Nelson Mandela childhood is really an exception one.

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