Wednesday, June 12, 2013

President Nelson Mandela Nobel Prize in Peace

There urged the release of Nelson Mandela from prison of foreign powers reducing pressure to the Government of the Republic of South Africa Amendment of the Constitution immediately after. When he continues to be would the armed struggle of the Congress  African National promised to work for peace majority voting black majority rights.

In 1991, his friend, Mandela, African National Congress (ANC) and provides the Oliver Tambo elected National President Colleagues. There continued negotiations with President Mandela Qu de Clare the first multiracial elections in the country. 

Many black South Africa Republic complete authority which is willing to share the white forces from the Republic of South Africa that you want to transfer. Tensions continued news of the violent eruptions that much negotiation and ANC national Chris Hani, leader of the assassination. Mandela was to maintain the delicate balance of fierce armed resistance in negotiating political pressure and demos.

In 1993, there won the Nobel Prize in Peace, his work for a demolition of Nelson Mandela and de Klerk jointly apartheid President. Negotiations between the Republic of South Africa for their jobs, whites and blacks haven't won at the fraction of the expected: 4/27/1994, Republic of South Africa, of the country's first democratic elections held.

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