Wednesday, June 12, 2013

South Africa General Election in 1994

27/04/1994 election set began, causing movement of the African National Congress 100 electoral offices and advisers Stanley Greenberg. People were orchestrated offered Greenberg "Mandela Foundation Forum", throughout the country. 

General language is poor and building reconstruction, "South African National Congress Africans.The black was the popular figure in a proposal made in the five-year development program (RDP) 1 million homes, and free education for all, and extended access to water as well as electricity in great condition. 

How is the "Development Fund" which it doesn't explain, "the superior life for all", the motto of the party. Mail downloads and press against the election of Nelson Mandela coming president with exception of new country, Republic of South Africa that has kept the country's supporters and the Democratic Party, and ethnic conflict rather than fear. 

Many times including former followers to collect money for the North America, African National Congress, Europe, and Asia, and apartheid Mandela to meet the wealthy donors focus on tourism. It also inspired the cuts voted 18-14. Policy ridiculed and rejected by the African National Congress.

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