Wednesday, June 12, 2013

South Africa president: 1994-1999: Nelson Mandela

The South Africa president ,1994-1999, Nelson Mandela who is the icon of the South Africa. Mandela's inauguration in Pretoria event 10/05/1994 broadcast viewers around the world. Attended by 4000 including event different backgrounds from the world leaders.  

Mandela the first Black President "in the Republic of South Africa, but representatives of the African National Congress, including the provision of the Government alone, and had no experience about national party-became President of the" national unity ". Choose the second as Mbeki was Deputy President de Klerk decade I along. He wasn't the first choice for specific job, Mbeki, the organization relies more on that during his president figure, Mandela in his will. 

"Stormed" the President's Office tuynhuys in the Cape Town, he was allowed to change to maintain "ginadindal", the name of the estate settlement led mercy "Groot" meaning Afrikaans instead close to Claire de Qu presidential Westbrook Manor is Mandela. There keep Horton home where he also walked Kono regularly and visited his village governance in tribal conflicts, and built homes near the meeting with local residents.

Mandela Cape Town moved to tuynhuys Office. I felt lonely, 76, faces a variety of diseases, indicating ongoing energy that is isolated. It entertained, Harry Oppenheimer, Anglo American celebrities often like Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Jackson, spice girls, such as Queen of the United Kingdom that resembles the Queen Elizabeth II and many wealthy businessmen see her 3/1995 "State of the Republic of South Africa," helped by strong criticism from opponents of the African National Congress. 

He lived "Nelson Mandela" children of 552000 was established in 1995 to giveaway 1/3 of the salary simply Mandela although luxurious surroundings. According to the belief of many focus on crimes terrorize owned mainly by the middle class whites as well as speak about befriend many journalists and freedom of the respective press and supporters of Mandela was critical to implementation of the media in many countries. His clothes batik shirt, known as Madiba shirt in the seat after opening day marks several times, Mandela for official use.

Finally published a biography of Mandela, long walk free, 12/1994. Attended the Conference held in Bloemfontein in a more aggressive national Executive, Winnie Mandela elected ANC 49 in late 1994. And expressed the interest in reconciliation, Nelson began divorce proceedings 8/1995.He was gone to the former President's widow was Juniors Samora Machel Gra├ža Machel, Mozambique political activists of his relationship with twenty-seven years until 1995.

It is 1 July 1990, it is still in mourning, she met Machel growth which was mourning, and accompanied him on a lot of his foreign policy of friendship and partnership. She turned, and wanted to keep Mandela's the first marriage proposal with some independence and split between Johannesburg and Mozambique.

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