Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Florida School A New Standardized Writing Test Rating Scam

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Florida’s change to school rating system called ‘scam’

Last year, Florida gave a new standardized writing test to students in various grades and the scores were awful, the Washington Post reports.…

Congress’ chance to help students get 21st century skills

The Huffington Post reports that at the local level, it has become increasingly clear that as states, districts, and schools are raising standards and increasing their focus on graduating students…

Classroom technology: Turning our kids into nerds

In this infographic from, you will find a detailed look at perceptions about the problems and possibilities of technology in the classroom.…

Why our nation needs common standards

Shane Cockrell’s father was in the military, and the family moved a lot when he was growing up, reports The Hechinger Report.…

Poll: Parents don’t support many education policy changes

Most parents with children in public schools do not support recent changes in education policy, from closing low-performing schools to shifting public dollars to charter schools to private school vouchers,…

From the moon to your face: one rocket scientist’s thoughts on Glass

I picked up my Glass on Thursday, and as I was taking the train back to my parents' house in Boston I noticed the Moon out the window, reports.…

Tucson-area districts increasingly move to convert schools to charters

Arizona has seen an unprecedented surge in school districts wanting to convert some of their schools to charters, raising concerns over whether districts are unfairly using the law just to…

Surviving middle school–again

About a year ago, I sat in the auditorium at South Orange Middle School in suburban New Jersey and listened to the cheerful principal prepare the incoming sixth-grade parents for…

These iPad apps help students turn the page on book publishing

Many parents fear that iPads and other touchscreen devices will discourage kids from picking up, reading, and enjoying actual books, the Huffington Post reports.…

The amazing way teachers are helping their undocumented students

At International High School in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights neighborhood, teachers always told their immigrant students to work hard, apply to college and receive scholarships, the Huffington Post reports.…

Online courses can help high school students cut college costs

Enrolling in an online college course can have a variety of benefits for high school students, U.S. News reports.…


Gove: teachers' strike 'will damage children's education'

Michael Gove called on teachers to abandon an “ideologically-motivated” strike today after a study showed that most of the public backed plans for performance-related pay in schools.

Rich pupils 'twice as likely to attend a top university'

Students from a wealthier background are more likely to go to one of the country's top universities than those from poorer families, official figures reveal.

White teenagers 'less likely to apply to university'

White schoolchildren are less likely to apply to university than classmates from any other ethnic group, according to research from the official admissions body.

Troops' children risk falling behind

Members of the Armed Forces with young families should not be moved during the academic year, MPs say.

Teachers to be barred from schools over indecent images

Teachers who download indecent images of children will be automatically banned from the classroom as part of a new crackdown on sex offenders.

Spoonerisms: remembering William Spooner

On the anniversary of the birth of the Rev William Spooner, we honour his unintentional comic interchange of sounds, known as spoonerisms.

Changing school midterm has "devastating" effect on grades, report finds

Switching schools midway through term can halve the chance of attaining five good GCSEs, a study has shown.

Olympic legacy 'threatened by poor quality PE', say MPs

The Olympic legacy is at risk because of poor quality PE teaching, inadequate facilities in schools and an over-emphasis on competitive sport, according to MPs.


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