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Mozilla Announced Web Sites For User's Interests

Mozilla has tangled with advertisers, for example making it harder for Web sites to use tracking files called cookies and supporting do-not-track effort to curtail online behavior tracking. But today, it announced an effort that could make advertisers happier.
The nonprofit organization announced an interface that Web sites could use to slurp up information about a user's interests. The idea is to let Web sites customize content and ads according to a user's behavior, but to keep the user in control over what gets shared rather than rely on today's online behavior tracking methods.

Mozilla proposes Web tech for sharing personal interests

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Canon hit by rising popularity of smartphone cameras

The demand for Canon cameras is shrinking as smartphones become the de facto camera for consumers.
A report in the Japanese-language online edition of Nikkei doesn't paint a pretty picture for the world's biggest camera maker.
The company cut its annual profit and sales forecasts Wednesday as demand slows for its cameras.
"The changes in the business environment are very severe," the newspaper quotes Canon Vice President Toshizo Tanaka as saying.
While Nikkei cites a slowdown in the Chinese economy as one of the factors affecting Canon's camera business, the larger reason stems from the &…


BlackBerry lays off 250 workers in Canada

The embattled BlackBerry will reduce its staff following a disappointing first six months of 2013.
BlackBerry has laid off 250 workers at a Waterloo, Ontario product-testing facility, the company confirmed to Bloomberg on Thursday. The jobs were cut in areas that support manufacturing and research and development, according to the BlackBerry spokesperson who confirmed the news to Bloomberg.
BlackBerry's layoffs are just the latest in a string of bad news from the company, which has so far tried unsuccessfully to regain its once-stable footing in the mobile market. BlackBerry 10, the operating system that was supposed to put the …


Microsoft readies IE 11 for Windows 7, too

Browser aficionados and haters alike will be overjoyed that Microsoft is keeping its promise to keep the new Internet Explorer up-to-date on Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.
The Internet Explorer 11 Developer's Preview for Windows 7, which debuted on Thursday, introduces the most of the new features and functionality of the Windows 8.1 default browser.
Roger Capriotti, Microsoft's marketing director for Internet Explorer, said that, like IE 10 for Windows 7, IE 11 won't have the modern interface, but it will have performance benefits.
"We're faster than the folks at Chrome or …


Facebook shares soar as mobile strategy bears fruit

Facebook's mobile push over the last year is paying off for shareholders.
In early trading Thursday, the company's shares are up more than 25 percent to $33.20. At that level, Facebook's stock is near its 52-week high of $34, and far from its low of $17.55.
The social network's significant jump comes the day after it announced that its mobile efforts have drummed up all kinds of business. According to Facebook, which announced its earnings Wednesday, it now has 819 million monthly mobile users -- a 51 percent increase compared with the same period …


Penguin finally settles with EU over e-book pricing

Penguin, the last major holdout in the antitrust probe involving Apple and publishers over e-book pricing, is now in line with its competitors.
The European Union's European Commission announced on Thursday that it has approved conditions it agreed to with Penguin in April. The book publisher agreed to terminate agency agreements that allow a publisher, not a retailer, to set prices on titles, as well as end the "most favored nation" pricing clauses that offered different prices based on location.
Penguin and the European Commission's agreement comes after other book publishers, including Harper Collins and Hachette, …


Access to Apple developer site partially restored

- Apple Inc has partially restored its main website for developers, eight days after shuttering it in response to a cyber attack that prompted a harried upgrade to prevent future breaches.


Activision to spread its wings after Vivendi sale: CEO

SAN FRANCISCO - Activision Blizzard Inc's CEO, who is shelling out $50 million of his own money in an $8.2 billion deal to buy back most of Vivendi's stake, said the world's largest video game publisher will be freer to pursue acquisitions and grow after emerging from its French parent's wing.


Insight: How Samsung is beating Apple in China

GUANGZHOU, China/SEOUL - Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook believes that "over the arc of time" China is a huge opportunity for his pathbreaking company. But time looks to be on the side of rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, which has been around far longer and penetrated much deeper into the world's most populous country.


Acer sees return to profit this year -president in magazine

VIENNA - Taiwan's Acer, the world's fourth-biggest PC maker, will return to profit this year after writedowns and poor demand pushed it into the red in 2012, its president was quoted as saying in an Austrian magazine.


China wealth fund CIC in talks with Alibaba: official media

BEIJING - Chinese sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp (CIC) is in unspecified talks with Alibaba Group, the official People's Daily reported on Friday, citing deputy director of public relations and international cooperation for CIC Liu Fangyu.

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Research internships bring students from around world to Alberta universities

ShareBrazilian student Henrique Vieira has been in Edmonton for just a few months, but already he’s designed about 50 different storylines for an educational video game for high school students. Vieira is one of more than 250 undergraduate students coming to Canada from India, China, Brazil and Mexico as part

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