Monday, July 29, 2013

Siemens Chief Executive Peter Loescher Plans To Fight For Job

FRANKFURT - Siemens Chief Executive Peter Loescher plans a probably doomed for his job at Wednesday's supervisory board meeting, a German newspaper said, after the German industrial group said at the weekend it would sack him.

Siemens CEO to fight for his job: paper

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Intent to Harm: Willful Acts Seem More Damaging

How harmful we perceive an act to be depends on whether we see the act as intentional, reveals new ...

Higher Cancer Incidences Found in Regions Near Refineries and Plants That Release Benzene

The incidence of a particular type of blood cancer is significantly higher in regions near facilities that release the chemical benzene into the ..


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Orangutans might be the king of the swingers, but primatologists in Borneo have found that the great apes spend a surprising amount of time walking on the ground. The research found that it is common ...  

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Tele-education to be launched in government schools soon

The Department of Primary and Secondary Education and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) will jointly launch tele-education in government schools. The collaboration announced in the State Budget will be an extension of the pilot project implemented in 2010-12.

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