Thursday, July 25, 2013

Students Taking Higher Education Courses At Private Universities

Record numbers of students are taking higher education courses at private universities and colleges, despite concerns over low employment rates, research shows.

More students turning to private colleges as fees rise

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GCSE results 'influenced by children's genes' 

Children’s exam results are largely a product of their genes and not standards of teaching in schools, according to a new study.

Children 'too distracted by technology to listen to stories' 

Children are losing interest in traditional storytelling as overexposure to games consoles, iPads and 3D films saps their imagination, a leading headmistress has warned.

Sketch: Michael Gove's old-school rhythms

Michael Deacon hears the Education Secretary talk about his improbable double life as a rapper. 

Students stripped of A-level grades at 'oustanding' college after teachers accused of 'leading' pupils through exams

Hundreds of students at an “outstanding” sixth-form college have been stripped of their exam grades after teachers were accused of “leading” them through their A-level examinations to get better marks.

Gove: teachers' strike 'will damage children's education'

Michael Gove called on teachers to abandon an “ideologically-motivated” strike today after a study showed that most of the public backed plans for performance-related pay in schools. 

Top 12 most competitive universities

As students use summer to decide where to apply, we look at the UK's most competitive universities.

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