Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tropical Storm Dorian Has Formed In The Eastern Atlantic

Forecasters say Tropical Storm Dorian has formed in the eastern Atlantic and remains far from land.

Tropical Storm Dorian forms in Atlantic

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2 killed when lightning hits Ariz. scenic overlook

Two people were killed and a boy injured when lightning struck near a scenic overlook in northern Arizona.


La. flood board sues oil companies over erosion

Officials in the oil and gas industry say they will vigorously defend against a lawsuit accusing companies of damaging hundreds of acres of coastal land that serve as a natural buffer against...


Weather Not Problematic for Rig Explosion Containment in Gulf

Wind and waves should be minimal through the weekend, working in favor of the firefighting effort aboard the natural gas drilling rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.


Rain to Cool, Hug Coast From Norfolk to NYC, Boston

A cool pattern in the Northeast, compared to last week will be accompanied by drenching rain in some coastal areas Thursday and Friday.


Extreme Heat Over for the United Kingdom

Monday was the hottest day of the year in the United Kingdom; however, the extreme heat is now a thing of the past.


The Deadliest Weather of Summer

Three weather phenomena prove to be the worst of the worst, causing the most fatalities every year: heat, flooding and lightning.


Photos: Severe Storms Batter Wichita, Tulsa

Severe storms that moved across the Plains last night caused damage across Kansas and Oklahoma.


Tropical Storm May Approach Leewards This Weekend

A tropical system that moved off the coast of Africa last weekend could bring tropical storm conditions to the Leeward Islands this weekend.


Flooding Downpours Continue in the Four Corners

Flash flooding and lightning-sparked wildfires are possible as the Southwest Monsoon continues.


Is Global Warming Making This Summer Hotter?

A heat wave recently gripped much of the country, drawing attention to the global warming debate.


Photos: Thunder Moon, Lightning Illuminate Cities Across the Globe

Thunderstorms broke out across the globe over the past week, putting on a light show in many major cities including London, New York and Las Vegas.


Large Atlantic Tropical Disturbance Fights Dry Air

An Atlantic tropical disturbance that moved off Africa Sunday is being monitored for development over the next couple of days.


Cool Winds, Big Waves Around Chicago Tuesday

Cool winds and big waves will make a rare July appearance from Chicago to Northwest Indiana.

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Students stripped of A-level grades at 'oustanding' college after teachers accused of 'leading' pupils through exams

Hundreds of students at an “outstanding” sixth-form college have been stripped of their exam grades after teachers were accused of “leading” them through their A-level examinations to get better marks. 

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